Important Dates for 13+

The dates below are for the 13+ 2025 application process.


Registration for 2025 13+ entry1 December 2021 – 21 September 2022
Stage One: ISEB online common pre-test taken at current school or St Paul’s SchoolBetween 3 October – 25 November 2022
Parents and schools advised of outcome of stage oneMid-December 2022
Stage Two: Interviews for selected boysJanuary – July 2023
Parents and schools advised of outcome of interviewWithin three weeks of interview
Acceptance of Main List place with depositBy  mid-June 2024
Review of Reserve List and possible move to Main ListOctober – December 2024
Scholarship examinations5,6,7 May 2025

For further advice and information, please email Allison Chownsmith, Registrar.