St Paul’s Connect and Safeguarding

St Paul’s School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.

St Paul’s expect all members of the community to share this commitment in all of their interactions; St Paul’s Connect is no different. We expect all members of our community using this platform or participating in our activity to ensure that their behaviour remains at the same high level that we would expect of all face-to-face interactions.

We ask that users recognise that the purpose of pupil interaction on St Paul’s Connect is to foster professional connections and to share career advice to prepare pupils for future employment. Although adults are encouraged to connect socially on the platform, interactions with students must remain career focused.

By signing up to the platform, you agree to:

  • place the safety and welfare of children above all other considerations
  • treat all members of the school community, including children, parents (current and former), alumni, staff, friends and governors with consideration and respect
  • keep all conversations with the pupils on the platform or through their school email addresses
  • inform the School, and request permission from parents/guardians, prior to any face-to-face interaction including work experience, mentoring meetings etc.
  • recognise the power imbalances between children and adults, and ensure that power and authority are never misused
  • be alert to, and report appropriately, any behaviour that may indicate that a child is at risk of significant harm
  • never condone inappropriate behaviour by children or other users of the platform
  • refrain from any action that would bring the school into disrepute
  • report any situation where their behaviour, or the behaviour of another adult towards a pupil, raises concern or has the potential to be misinterpreted to raise the concern of others by contacting the School’s Safeguarding Lead, via

Users should be aware that if any safeguarding concerns arise, the School may access messages to investigate the concern and take appropriate action.

If the behaviour of any user falls below these standards, they will be removed from the platform immediately and could be barred from future St Paul’s activity. Serious concerns, allegations or suspicions would be referred immediately to the appropriate authorities