Entry to St Paul’s at 16+

Boys from a variety of countries, schools and backgrounds join St Paul’s School as a stepping stone for entry to world class universities.

Motivated and academically curious, they relish two years of brisk, challenging study – alongside everything else St Paul’s has to offer.

Every year approximately 20 boys join St Paul’s School in Year 12. The application process opens in June when boys are in Year 10 and the selection process takes place in the Autumn Term when boys are in Year 11.

Covid-19 Update

Due to the current situation and changes in Admissions staff working patterns, there may be a few days delay in processing and acknowledging your application. Our staff will respond to you as soon as possible.

For more details about the 16+ application process or for further advice, please email Elaine Sharp.

Email: ERS@stpaulsschool.org.uk