Bursaries – Assistance with fees

St Paul’s takes great pride in being able to offer financial assistance to the families of talented boys who otherwise could not afford private education.

Each year there are funds available for free and subsidised places at all entry points, with a focus on 11+ and 16+ to reflect the natural state school entry points. As with all other entrants, pupils hoping to benefit from a bursary must gain a place at the school on academic merit. During the assessment process, parents will be asked to complete a financial assessment form designed to establish the level of financial support available.

Only individuals whose family home is in the UK, where at least one parent resides, and where both parents and candidate are not subject to immigration control, may be considered for a bursary.

Bursaries are awarded on the basis of a means-test form which requests full details of income and capital resources. Family circumstances may change so the level of support is reassessed annually.

At registration, you may indicate that you wish to be assessed for a bursary.

Our school-wide Bursary Policy is available to read on our Policies page.

The examples below illustrate the types of families who could benefit from our bursary scheme.

  • Both parents self-employed on low income. Living in rented accommodation. One child receiving 100% fee remission.
  • Both parents employed with low incomes. Living in modest home with mortgage. One child receiving 90% fee remission.
  • One parent with moderate income. Living in rented accommodation. Two children receiving 70% fee remission.
  • Parents both working in moderately paid employment. Modest home with mortgage. One child receiving 20% fee remission.

A new scheme introduced in 2016 offers more generous support to families with a household income less than £135,000. All bursary places are subject to successful completion of the entrance requirements.

The parents of any successful candidate for either school, who meet the residency criteria above, may apply for a bursary.

If you would like to discuss bursaries in confidence, please contact the Registrar or the Finance Office on 020 8746 5477.

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My son is now in the Fifth form at St Paul's. He entered the Junior School at the age of 11 from a local state primary school and has never looked back. He is very proud to be a Pauline. He has a great friendship group, enjoys the teaching approach and is thriving academically. My husband and I would not have been in a position to send him to St Paul's were it not for the bursary, and we are are extremely grateful for this support.
Current Bursary Parent
We would like to express our deepest gratitude to St Paul’s school for providing valuable financial assistance, which enables our son to continue his invaluable education with the school. We would also like to thank the parents and families who have donated their precious time and money to the Bursary programme. In essence, this programme is truly vital and lifesaving for families who are in need and going through very difficult times. When an unforeseen tragedy struck, the school was able to provide us with a very important helping hand that alleviated our financial hardship and distress. As the result of the generosity and benevolence shown by all who have donated in the past, the school is able to help families like ours and we are very thankful and grateful for their kindness.
Current Bursary Parent
The bursary provision at St Paul's has enabled our son to continue his outstanding education at St Paul's. Having started as full-paying parents we were grateful when we encountered financial difficulties due to work problems that our son's learning was not interrupted. He has been able to remain at the school until his final year and participated in trips that we would not have been able to afford.
Current Bursary Parent