Ethan Chan

2013 - 2014

I am living proof that when bright boys from disadvantaged backgrounds come to St Paul’s they will thrive and maximise their potential. I was fortunate to attend St Paul’s for the Lower and Upper Eighth. My mum’s boss had two sons at St Paul’s and told her how much it academically stretched and empowered his children and how much they enjoyed their time at School.

At that time I was attending a state school in west London where I was bored and academically frustrated. The move to St Paul’s was a revelation. I was taught to think critically and independently in the context of a rounded education.

My horizons have been expanded in so many ways. I went on to the University of Cambridge to study Geography.

I really do believe that as many as many boys as possible deserve a chance to enjoy that experience, and that social diversity in a school such as St Paul’s is to the advantage of the whole community.