Academic Life

St Paul’s School enjoys an outstanding academic tradition, which fosters a culture of scholarship, creativity and enquiry.

Academic study is at the heart of life at St Paul’s. Scholarship, perseverance and hard work are promoted in all subjects. But learning here is also well-supported, enjoyable and inspirational

Whilst examination success is important, for gifted pupils we feel it is a by-product of their broader intellectual development. We encourage pupils to develop their own passion for learning, to foster a spirit of enquiry and to become increasingly self-directed in their study. Their tutors assist them in learning how to balance their academic interests with their other commitments.

Academic Life - Age 7 - 13

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Academic Life - Age 13 - 18

Discover what academic subjects are available for our pupils from age 13-18.

Boys who do well at St Paul’s and St Paul’s Juniors are talented, possess intellectual curiosity, have interests outside the classroom, can excel by themselves or as part of a team and have energy and zest.
Andy Mayfield, Director of Admissions

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A step-by-step guide to our admissions process, from registration through to assessments and scholarships and bursaries.

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An education at St Paul’s is not about percentages of A grades or equivalent. It is about fostering a sense of scholarship far beyond the examined curriculum.

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