Admissions / Fees, Bursaries & Scholarships

St Paul’s School is committed to providing an exceptional education to any boy who fulfils the entrance criteria, regardless of social or demographic background. There are bursaries available at all entry points.

Registration Fee

A registration fee of £175 is payable when registering your son for 7+ and 8+ entry to St Paul's Juniors and for 13+ entry to St Paul’s School.

For 11+ entry to St Paul's Juniors, a £50 examination fee is payable when applying to sit part A of the exam and £125 plus the deposit is paid by successful candidates when accepting a place.

For 16+ applicants, no fee is payable when applying but successful candidates will be required to pay the £175 registration fee plus the deposit when accepting their place.

St Paul's Juniors

A deposit of £2700 is required when a parent accepts the offer of a place following the entrance examinations. The deposit also covers attendance at the Senior School and is only returnable when the boy leaves St Paul’s (please refer to the *Standard Terms and Conditions).

St Paul’s – Senior School

A deposit of £2700 is payable up to twelve months in advance of the term of entry as confirmation that St Paul’s is the first choice of school. The deposit is returnable only when the boy leaves St Paul’s or if the boy fails to reach the necessary standard in the entrance examinations (please refer to the *Standard Terms and Conditions).

For 16+ A-level entry

A deposit of £2700 is payable as soon as a place is accepted. The deposit is returnable when the boy leaves St Paul’s or if he fails to reach the required standard at GCSE.

Fees (2017-2018)

£6,476  per term – St Paul's Juniors (Lower First to Upper Third Years)

£8,101 per term – Senior School (Fourth to Upper Eighth Form)

£12,133 per term – Boarding Fee

All fees are payable by Direct Debit on the first day of each term. Payment by direct bank transfer or cheque may be possible on prior agreement with the Finance Office.

The fees for the 2018-2019 academic year will be determined by the Governors in March 2018.

The basic fee covers tuition, games, loan books, stationery, libraries, medical inspection, careers aptitude tests, certain school publications and lunch, which all boys are required to attend.

In the Senior School, charges are made for the purchase of some books (which become the personal property of the boy) and public examination fees.

Musical Instrument

Musical instrument lessons are payable directly in advance to the peripatetic music teacher concerned on receipt of an invoice. The fee is £271.70 per term for ten lessons for both schools (this fee may increase from September 2017).


The Governors make some remission of fees when there are three or more children of one family at St Paul’s School, St Paul's Juniors or St Paul’s Girls’ School. A formal application, in writing, must be made by the parent. Remission will begin in the term following the date of application and will not be retrospective.

*Please refer to our Terms and Conditions and Parent Contract as outlined on our School Policies page.