A day in the life of a Fourth Form pupil

I have only been at St Paul’s for a matter of weeks and I am still getting lost in the vast and seemingly endless corridors. But what an amazing life these corridors lead to!

The first thing that strikes me is the dazzling Architecture of the new buildings packed with ultra-modern facilities.

Huge windows afford views of the Thames and I’m filled with a sense of awe and pride to be part of something so spectacular. Every day I walk into a very special place.

School starts at 8:35 when I am off to my tutor group. In my opinion, the Tutor group system is an amazing feature of St Paul’s, where a group of boys from all years get together every morning to chat and have fun. This may just be the Friday form party snacks talking, but I enjoy every moment sitting in my classroom seizing the opportunity to get advice and inspiration from older Paulines.

Another great aspect of the school is the one hour and forty minutes long lunch break. During lunch I am free to do whatever I want, there are dozens of Pauline-run societies on offer every day and boredom does not exist at St Paul’s. From Debating to Water Polo and from the Jazz Band to Film-Making, there is a plethora of activities. However, sometimes I might prefer to just enjoy the sunshine and go and conquer the massive fields with my friends while kicking a ball around.

To sum it all up, St Paul’s is a multi-cultural hive with a vibe of freedom, opportunity and independence, as well as excellence and hard work which together perfectly echo its London setting and I already feel right at home here.