Team Firefly

Team Firefly is St Paul’s School’s motorsport racing team that takes part in the Greenpower F24/F24+ competition.

The aim of the competition is to build and run your own electric car, racing them at famous circuits around the UK such as Goodwood and Castle Combe in an endurance race.

Team Firefly currently races three cars, aimed at different year groups. FF03 is the team’s kit car and is designed to introduce Year 9 students to the team and various basic engineering skills. After that, pupils move onto scratch-built cars (FF01 and FF02) where they can further hone their skills and learn new ones.

Aside from running the cars, Team Firefly is organised into multiple sub-teams such as strategy and data analysis. This allows the team to make use of the pupils’ many interests and skillsets and allows the team to keep striving towards making the cars more efficient and reliable.

Over the course of the 2019 season the three cars have travelled a total of 950 miles around various race tracks. The team is already busy at work for the 2020 season, looking for the next competitive edge.

Silverstone International Final vlog