Colet Mentoring FAQs

Please see below for FAQs and more information about Colet Mentoring.

Who can participate in Colet Mentoring?

All primary and secondary schools can participate in Colet Mentoring. We actively encourage all schools to join us, whether you’d like to enrol mentors or mentees. We believe all students should be able to get help or teach, so we don’t place a cap on the number of mentees or mentors each school can enrol. Mentees are students in all years up to GCSE (or equivalent), including primary school students. Mentors are students in their A Level years (or equivalent), who have received at least an 8 at GCSE (or equivalent) in the relevant subject and are studying that subject for A Level (or equivalent).

What subjects do you support?

Schools can choose the subjects they wish to support. Currently, the Colet Mentoring app is mainly used for Latin, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths mentoring. The platform itself supports all subjects; there are no tech limitations.

What safeguarding measures does Colet Mentoring have in place?

We are committed to ensuring the highest-possible safety standards for all mentees and mentors. We firmly believe that Colet Mentoring’s quasi-anonymous, chat-based tutoring format is the safest form of teaching available. Our safety measures include the following provisions: our team verifies each student applying to be a mentor and their school email address; our team provides safeguarding training to mentors before they can teach on the platform; mentors and mentees are unable to schedule sessions in advance at specific times; mentors and mentees cannot message each other after a session has ended; mentors and mentees never see each other’s full names or personal contact details (only first names and, in the case of mentors, a short introduction, are shown); and no communication between mentors and mentees occurs outside the app, any sharing of personal information is strictly forbidden. In addition, mentors and mentees never meet in person or face-to-face over video call. Mentees can rate their mentors, give feedback after each session and report their mentors. All sessions are recorded and reviewable by both Colet Mentoring and each participating school.

As a teacher, can I monitor activity on the platform?

Yes. Once your students are enrolled, we’ll give you login details to your own admin portal where you can see each of your students’ past sessions, including individual messages and the number of sessions they’ve had.

How much teacher involvement is required?

Teachers can have as much or as little involvement as they wish. Given our goal of letting students help each other, we require very little involvement from teachers beyond letting their students know about the platform. For schools putting forward mentors, we’ve seen considerable success (from a student development perspective) where a relevant subject teacher reviews sessions with their mentors and provides them feedback on their teaching.

I’m a teacher – how do I enrol my students?

Signing up is easy. Whether you’re looking to enrol mentees or mentors, just email letting us know and we’ll register your school so your students can be enrolled to the programme.