Colet Mentoring FAQs

Please see below for FAQs and more information about Colet Mentoring.

What is Colet Mentoring 

Colet mentoring is a mobile app, which offers a fast, free, on-demand, quasi-anonymous tutoring service for students struggling with homework, revision, or exam prep. Mentees send in a picture of the question they are struggling with, and are linked with a high achieving peer mentor who then talks them through the steps of the question with a live chat function.

Who can Participate

Mentees can be anyone under the age of 18, from any background, as long as they are attending a school in the UK. It is possible to sign up for the app both through a school partnered with the service, or as an individual via this form. If schools want to enquire about enrolling students to mentor on the platform, or would like to partner with us, then please email us at

Do I have to schedule my sessions?

No! Unlike other traditional tutoring platforms, Colet Mentoring runs open access live sessions every weekday evening, whereby any registered mentee can ask a question and match with a waiting mentor to get help. Even when Out of Hours, we still aim to respond to questions within 24 hours! This flexibility for mentees is something that sets Colet Mentoring apart from other tutoring services.

About our Mentors

Our mentors are top achieving students doing their A Levels at schools both here at St Paul’s, and at our partner schools. All student mentors are verified, and receive training both on how to use the app, and also in safeguarding procedure. Mentors only tutor in the subjects they are confident in, most often ones they are currently doing at A Level grade, and all have received at least an 8 in the relevant subject at GCSE (or equivalent).

What Subjects do you Support

Currently we have mentors for Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Latin, however the platform itself is able to support all subjects. 

Safeguarding Measures

We are committed to ensuring the highest-possible safety standards for all mentees and mentors. We firmly believe that Colet Mentoring’s quasi-anonymous, chat-based tutoring format is the safest form of teaching available. Our safety measures include the following provisions:

– Our team verifies each student applying to be a mentor, as well as providing them with safeguarding training before they mentor.

– Contact is limited between mentors and mentees. Sessions cannot be scheduled in advance, nor can they message one another after the session has finished. No face-to-face contact occurs, and all personal information (bar first names, and a short self-constructed bio for mentors) is kept confidential.

– All sessions are recorded and reviewable by both Colet Mentoring and each participating school. 

Can Teachers Monitor

Yes, If you are one of our partner schools. After you have enrolled your students, we’ll give you login details to your own admin portal. Here you can see each of your students’ past sessions, including individual messages and the number of sessions they’ve had.

Teacher Involvement

Teachers can have as much or as little involvement as they wish. Given our goal of letting students help each other, we require very little involvement from teachers beyond letting their students know about the platform. 

Where schools put forward mentors, we’ve observed particularly great student development when a relevant subject teacher reviews sessions with their mentors and provides them feedback on their teaching.