Dr Conrad von Stempel


Dr Conrad von Stempel is an Interventional Radiology Registrar for the NHS working at University College London Hospital. While at St Paul’s, was a keen musician. Conrad was a panellist at the 2016 Medical Dinner.

What guidance would you give to your younger self on the day you left St Paul’s?

Unlike any other degree, your medical school interview was a career interview. Day 1 of uni is day 1 of your training contract, treat it and others with the professional respect you should, as your peers will soon be your colleagues and your tutors your bosses.

Don’t get so hung up on where you are studying. Medical school rankings don’t mean anything practically.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Humility is most important quality of a good doctor.

Why did you choose to pursue radiology?

I love patients and caring for them. I was upset by the way ward-based medicine didn’t allow me to do that properly. Radiology allowed me to spend quality time with patients, diagnosing and treating them. I have come full circle and have clinics and ward rounds whilst still getting time to do the other things I enjoy like research and teaching.