Ward, Maurice Arthur

Unit: 11 Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers


Date of death: 10 April, 1918

Age at death: 21

Cause of death: died of wounds received in action

Place of burial: Haverskerque British Cemetery, France

‘[He had a very large share in the] cricket and football success from 1909 to 1913. He did not make many friends at School, being both blunt and nervous, but those he made stuck to him to the end and others recognised this good qualities better after they and he had left the School. He regretted later that he had not made more of his opportunities in or two ways, although he always delighted to talk of how he worried those he did not like. [A friend recalled that] ‘He told me once – I think at Messines – he got tired of killing Germans, and at last hadn’t the heart to go on doing so.’ Pauline Magazine