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SPARTA – Pepys’s London: A talk by Jacky Colliss Harvey

05 OCTOBER 2022


St Paul's School - John Colet Hall

Samuel Pepys has been described as St Paul’s School’s “First Old Boy”. SPARTA invites the St Paul’s community and partnership schools to an evening talk with Jacky Colliss Harvey on Pepys and his London experiences.

Samuel Pepys walked the 2½ miles to Whitehall from his house near the Tower of London on an almost daily basis, and with so many of his professional conversations taking place whilst walking, the streets became an alternative to his office. The city was almost as much a character in Pepys’s life as his family or friends, with the book drawing on the many parallels between his experience of 17th-century London and the lives of Londoners today. Come along on this journey of reconstructing the sensory and emotional experience of the life of Samuel Pepys.

Jacky Colliss Harvey worked in museum publishing for twenty years, and now writes full-time. She is the author of the bestseller RED: A History of the Redhead and of The Animal’s Companion. As J.C Harvey, she also writes historical fiction, and under the pseudonym ‘Daisy Bird’ writes for children, also. A country mouse by birth, she has been fascinated by London and its multifarious history since first arriving here as a student. Walking Pepys’s London is her most recent non-fiction book.

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