Sit back, relax and unwind as the talented St Paul's School Music, Drama and Art departments share their work and transport you to another world.

26 May - 27 May

The Hog

As old age creeps up on him, the Great Leader can feel control slipping through his fingers: the country is filled with rebels, those closest to him can't be trusted, and rumours of a horrific creature dwelling in the sewers are spreading fast.
12 June

Joint Strings Afternoon

String players from both St Paul’s School and St Paul’s Girls’ School work together on a classic from the String Orchestra repertoire. This term students will work on Shostakovich’s ‘Chamber Symphony’.
15 June

SPJ Exam Candidates Concert

This important event gives pupils taking exams this term an opportunity to perform one of their exam pieces in a friendly and supportive atmosphere, so that they can receive some feedback before their exams.
22 June

Charity Concert

This concert features performances from various ensembles in the 4th, 5th and L8th form, including jazz and classical items for both large and small ensembles.
29 June

A Level Art Showcase 2022

Come and see an exhibition of work by our U8th Art Students.
30 June

SPJ Summer Concert

The SPJ Music gala concert for the summer term, featuring our larger ensembles and catering to a range of musical tastes.
30 June - 02 July

The Story of the Iliad

In the final days of the Trojan War, the Greek and Trojan armies are caught in a bitter stalemate. Exhausted and desperate after ten years of warfare, gods and men battle among themselves for glory.
03 July

OP/Leavers’ Concert

A concert featuring performances by this years’ musical leavers in the U8th, alongside performances from a number of returning Old Paulines.