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July 6, 2022

Partnerships World Cup Day

On Friday 1 July, the annual partnerships ‘World Cup Day’ for local primary schools took place for the first time since the covid pandemic began.

Pupils from four local primary schools were invited to take part in the day, which is run by staff and pupils at St Paul’s school and themed on the football World Cup tournament.

At the beginning of the day, the primary school visitors were each allocated to a country team. There was then a ‘draw’ to decide the order of play of the afternoon’s football tournament. In the morning, the visitors enjoyed a rotation of activities based on their allocated country. In Music, they learnt the national anthem of their country; in Humanities, they learnt about the history and geography of their nation; in Sport, they practised their football skills; and in Art, they made flags and posters in support of their country. After lunch, the groups assembled in Founder’s Court to each perform their country’s national anthem, before making their way to Bigside to enjoy the finale of the day: a football tournament.

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