St Paul’s Juniors / Daily life

We look to provide opportunities that involve boys and staff in the local community. Our outreach programme includes links with local primary schools in music and sport. Boys and girls from schools in the surrounding boroughs come to St Paul's Juniors for a Maths Challenge and to attend enrichment classes in Maths, Classics and Science. Our relationship with and support for Greenmead Primary School make boys aware of the needs of children with serious physical and learning disabilities.

We also aim to open boys’ eyes to the need to manage the Earth’s resources wisely and to look after our environment in a way that will sustain it for future generations to enjoy. The School Council, which includes a boy from every form in the School, is involved in discussions about outreach, charity fund raising and environmental management. Education for social responsibility is woven into activities across the curriculum, especially in Geography, PSHE & Citizenship and Science.