St Paul’s School / Daily Life

The group’s constitution states its objectives to be

  • The encouragement of a sense of community among parents, their boys and staff through the organisation of events which provide an interface among these groups.
  • The support and assistance of the School as and when requested, in any other areas where it might be appropriate and beneficial for parents to become involved.
  • The raising of funds on an ad hoc basis for any of the School’s charitable objectives or capital projects.

Each September, the Parents’ Group Committee welcomes new parents to the School over supper in the dining hall. During the autumn term, the new year group forms its own committee to act as a focal point for that group’s gatherings and activities. From the five year group committees, several members are nominated to sit on the central Parents’ Group Committee. This Committee works closely with the School, managing those issues which cross all year groups.

The opportunities provided by the Parents’ Group for informal peer group contact and support through its many activities and social gatherings are valued and much enjoyed by many parents with children at St Paul’s.

You can contact the group by email or by writing to the St Paul’s Parents’ Group at the School.