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March 21, 2024

Whole School Walk

A message from the Pauls4All Committee:

We’ve had a great week hosting talks on medieval and LGBTQ+ charities, the psychological science to altruism, debating an increase in charity donations, and raising money by selling pancakes and racing around Founder’s Court. We are most excited about the Pauls4All Charity Walk on Friday as it gives us an opportunity to celebrate all the work that we have done as a community for our house charities so far this school year. Much of the planning, communication and collection around these events has been led by us, the Pauls4All Committee. We are 17 Lower Eighth students all with a passion for supporting the wider community. Beyond the fundraising work we do in school, many of us also lead volunteering events, such as the St Mary’s Ukrainian School camps over the holidays.

To those who have already donated, we would like to offer our heartfelt thanks. West London Zone, London Sports Trust, Barnes Common and Man&Boy all do valuable work and they are incredibly grateful for any donations that you have given. Your money is going towards a number of wonderful causes, such as helping disadvantaged children stay on track at school, organising sports camps and lifestyle classes for struggling families, conserving local areas of natural beauty and natural outreach programmes for vulnerable people within our community, and reconnecting vulnerable young men with male role models in their life to establish invaluable and lasting support for the rest of their lives. Further information on each charity can be found in the links below.

Barnes Common 

London Sport’s Trust


West London Zone

If you have not yet donated and would like to, a link to the fundraisers are here.

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