Colet Mentoring

Providing students with free 1:1 academic support, all via an app

Colet Mentoring was launched in early 2021, in partnership with Ed Tech Start-up EasyA, and with the support of St Paul’s Girls’ school. It is an app, which provides free 1:1 tutoring from high achieving student mentors to the wider community, serving primary school all the way up to A level.

Expert Help, On-Demand

A ‘live hours’ service allows students to receive 1:1 help right when they need it without having to schedule sessions in advance. You simply send in a photo of the question you’re struggling with to the Colet Mentoring App, and a mentor will talk you through it with the live chat function. It’s unlimited and free for students, because learning shouldn’t have limits.

Peer Support

Colet Mentoring builds on research showing the successful and positive impact of peer mentoring and tutoring. The mentors understand the struggles of the mentees and the friendly, peer nature allows for easy communication and non-judgemental troubleshooting without the usual pressures of face-to-face tutoring. The initiative has been designed to be content agnostic – it can be deployed anywhere regardless of the national syllabus. All that is needed is a smartphone, an internet connection and a shared language.


We have run two key trials with independent educational evaluation charity ImpactEd. Our latest study involved almost 1,000 school students. Compared to the control group, students who actively engaged with Colet Mentoring increased their motivation by 19%, increased their team-working by 16%, and importantly their well-being improved by 9.5%.

In addition, schools can themselves monitor the impact of the programme on their own students’ attainment with their own internal assessments. Impressively, one of our partner schools in Birmingham leveraged Colet Mentoring to boost their students’ attainment by 0.5-1 grade between Christmas and their exams in Easter.

If you want to know more about the program, visit our Colet Mentoring FAQs page.

A significant number of our students used Colet Mentoring over summer. Many of them completed overdue tasks they felt less motivated to do during the school closures. They started the new academic year motivated and with better prior knowledge
Our students have benefited enormously from being part of the program; mentees have had access to regular individual online support, while mentors have gained confidence, self-esteem and greater empathy through their tutoring.

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Our students have had nothing but praise! We were delighted when our year 11 students were offered the amazing opportunity to use the Colet Mentoring app, giving them access to A-level mathematicians at Radley College, ready to help with our boys' queries on any Maths GCSE topic or question. Our students have had nothing but praise for the invaluable help received from the online mentors, and are extremely keen to continue and further develop this mutually beneficial relationship.
COVID has created obvious gaps, particularly with some of our disadvantaged socially and economically pupils. Using technology and collaboration with other schools, such as in the West London Partnership, is going to be vital to help fill that gap. We saw a significant impact on pupils over the summer and are delighted to be working on this partnership with St Paul’s and EasyA to help scale up the programme over the course of the academic year.

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