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March 11, 2021

Pauline Perspectives

We welcomed almost 400 members of the St Paul’s Community last Thursday evening to a lively virtual debate hosted by St Paul’s Parents’ Group and chaired by the High Master.

Arguing in favour of the motion, we had OP Freddie Sayers, current pupil Anthony Saidenberg and parent Philip Collins. Arguing against the motion, we welcomed St Paul’s Girls’ School parent Jeff Nathenson, current pupil Hassan Sachee, and former parent and current Governor, Lord Anthony Grabiner QC.

All of our speakers expertly argued their views on the motion, “Free speech trumps all: Twitter tantrums should be tolerated not terminated”, which made for a captivating and entertaining evening. It was a close call in the final poll, but the side favouring the motion came out on top.

We would like to thank all of the speakers who participated in Pauline Perspectives and to everyone who attended; it indeed was a highlight of this year’s calendar of events.


Photo taken from a Pauline Perspectives in pre-Covid-19 times.

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